Mechanical & Electrical Services

Our ability to build, remodel, and maintain complex HVAC systems insures the highest quality of building performance and sustainability. Experience with interdisciplinary developments, our dedicated labour force, our highly regarded reputation with material and equipment suppliers and our continued commitment to customer satisfaction have long been TAS's advantage in construction and competitive cost delivery. We pride ourselves with serving all markets from institutional and commercial to educational and governmental construction for over twenty years. Our expertise includes:

our services


Air Handled Unit ,Package Unit, Ductable Split unit, Chiller plant, Wall Split, VRF,CRV, Cassette AC,CCU,Cold Storage,Water Cooler, beverage Cooler, Ice cube Machine.


Building Automation

Energy Efficiency Analysis


Project Team

TAS's talented mechanical team consists of professional and experienced Engineers, Project Managers, On‐site Supervisors, Trades people, and Contract Administrators. The knowledge, inspiration and determination of these people holds true to TAS's core value of unsurpassed customer satisfaction. This means each project is delivered successfully, on-time and on-budget.


TAS appreciates the value of communication and works to understand how everyone involved in the project prefers to communicate. We have invested in the most technologically advanced communication devices. This offers several options for communication within the mechanical team and with all players involved in the project. TAS allows no excuses for any lack of communication from project inception to completion. The end result... unsurpassed customer satisfaction.

Ability and Performance

While managing growth, TAS has built a strong corporate foundation. We have the capital and bonding capacity to perform nearly any size construction project. We are innovative, flexible and have been successful working with large projects, small projects, specialty projects and projects with tight schedule deadlines. Our investment in our labor force includes a top priority on workplace safety. We guarantee a high performing end product, completed on time and within budget.